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At Trident Safes, our Trident Specialist Transport service is able to offer hiab lorry and driver hire. Our specialist transport service can provide you with end-to-end heavy logistic transport.

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When it comes to moving locations, we all need a service that can transport valuable objects safely and securely. Yet, if an object is large, heavy or in an awkward location, you will need more than just a basic removalist service. In such cases, you will need to hire a Hiab and driver to safely transport heavy objects to their new location.

Here at Trident Safes, we have over 20 years of experience when it comes to removing, relocating, and installing heavy and hard-to-reach objects. Over the years clients have relied on our specialist services to move heavy safes, bank vaults, sculptures, industrial units, and factory machinery. So, read on to find out more about our Hiab hire services.

What Is a Hiab?

A Hiab is a type of vehicle specifically designed to lift and transport heavy objects. They often come in a lorry design with a hydraulic crane fitted on the back for efficient loading and unloading. The crane is also attached to a flexible arm so that it can access objects in even the hardest-to-reach areas. As such, when you hire a Hiab and driver, you eliminate the need to engage the services of separate crane and transport companies.

Here at Trident Safes, we have a dedicated fleet of Hiab vehicles that can assist in any large removal project. Our staff are highly knowledgeable in the logistics of moving large items and have many years of professional experience working with a range of clients. In addition, ensuring all removal and transport services are conducted in-house means that there is higher confidence in the work being done correctly and to the highest standard.

Hiab Lorry Hire

Our fleet of Hiab lorries comes in three main sizes: 18-ton, 26 ton and 32-ton. Our lorries offer a lifting capacity that ranges from 12 tons to 44 tons per metre. Our 18-ton lorries with 12-ton-per-metre cranes are the perfect vehicle for use in city centres where space can be tight. Our other lorries are great for construction sites, warehouses, ports and so on.

We can also supply fork trucks as part of your Hiab lorry hire if you need to manoeuvre items for easier crane access. Our fork trucks include 2.5-ton triple mast reach trucks, 2.2 m closed mast, 7-ton and 8-ton trucks alongside several other options. We can transport these fork trucks to you on our lorries when you use our Hiab crane hire services.

Benefits of Hiab Crane Hire

Here are some of the benefits you will receive when you hire our Hiab lorries:

  • Our lorries can transport and deliver heavy objects easily, and they can load and unload these objects without the need for a separate crane
  • They can move goods between sites safely and securely
  • Hiab lorries can be used for a wide range of industries, including banking, shipping, construction and more
  • Because Hiab lorries with cranes come as a single unit, they are designed to work in unison and are better at heavy logistics compared to separate transport and crane operations
  • Hiab cranes can reach into tight and restricted spaces, as they often have up to 180 degrees of rotation with a length of 16.5 metres
  • Hiab cranes are also more compact than standard cranes, making them easier to move around where needed
  • Hiring separate transport and crane companies is costly and time-consuming. Hiring a Hiab with a driver helps reduce costs and makes the operation smoother overall

Why Choose Trident Safes?

No matter the location, we have a team of specialists to move objects to and from the lorry. All our lorries are compliant with TFL requirements for work in inner London. We can carry out full risk assessments for removal and relocation projects and can provide lift plans on request. To find out more about our Hiab hire services, please get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can a HIAB crane lift?

The biggest Hiab cranes, or lorry mounted cranes as they are known can realistically lift up to around 30,000kgs approx 5 meters away from the lorry.

Can a HIAB lift over a house?

Yes, HIAB’s with the right attachments can lift over a house.

How far can a HIAB truck reach?

Generally, the larger HIAB lorries have a reach of approx 33 meters.

How much does a crane lift cost?

Crane lifts can vary greatly in price depending on the size of the lorry-mounted crane required and the time needed on site. Generally, lifts would start from around £400 upwards.

How does a HIAB crane work?

HIAB cranes get their lifting power from a series of hydraulic rams fitted to the lifting arms. These rams are usually controlled using a remote.

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Trident Safes were recommended to us by a removal firm to move 11 safes between two offices. Job was carried out professionally and the staff were very friendly and helpful. Would use again in the future

Deards Estates

Great service, competitive price. Staff knows what they are doing when moving the safe. Careful moved to not damage any furniture.

Shining Diamonds Sales

We had the guys at Trident quote to supply and install our safe, not only did they beat all other prices they was more then happy to help us pick the right one for us. Defiantly worth a call/email.

Deards Estates

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