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Applications of Hiab Cranes

Hiab truck hire plays a pivotal role in a range of industries and applications. From the construction sector to transportation and logistics, lorry crane hire is used to ensure heavy loads are moved safely to their destination. Hiab lorry cranes are designed and built to the highest standards to ensure they can carry out all required tasks safely and efficiently. Lorry crane hire is designed with functionality, dependability, and exceptional value in mind in a range of industries. Here are some of the industries and applications Hiab truck hire is used for.


The construction industry is one of the most diverse out there. It covers everything from lifting and putting in place heavy building materials to aiding in the installation of structural components such as walls and roofing. Hiab truck hire is important for this industry as it can easily adapt to a range of tasks quickly and efficiently.

HIAB Hire for Logistics

One of the other major industries Hiab cranes are used for is the logistics and transportation sector. Because of their strong lifting capabilities, Hiab cranes can easily and safely transport heavy objects from one site to another. Whether it be heavy vaults and safes, hot tubs, ornate clocks or other such large and difficult objects, Hiab trucks can move them in an efficient and timely manner.

Utilities and Maintenance

With their ability to carry heavy loads, Hiab cranes are becoming more common in the utilities and maintenance sector. For example, they are used in removing large amounts of material for waste and recycling, as well as maintaining and repairing electrical power structures and other vital infrastructure. Hiab cranes allow crews to carry out these tasks in a safe and effective way.

Hiabs for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry needs Hiab cranes to move heavy materials and equipment around quickly within factories and warehouses. They can efficiently transport heavy machinery, raw materials, and other equipment swiftly and precisely, which helps to reduce downtime while improving production processes.

Cranes and HIABs for Infrastructure Projects

When it comes to large-scale public infrastructure projects, Hiab cranes offer indispensable support. From moving public monuments and placing garden items to constructing large signs and bridges, Hiab trucks offer incredible versatility, especially when it comes to manoeuvring in tight spaces and reaching elevated areas.

Forestry and Agriculture

While Hiab cranes are important for industries in metropolitan and industrial areas, they can also be of service in rural areas as well. They can be utilised for moving agricultural machinery and transporting heavy logs from forests to warehouses. Hiab cranes help reduce the labour requirements for such tasks while decreasing the risk of damage or injury.

Events Management

Hiab cranes are particularly useful in helping set up temporary entertainment structures rapidly as well as in their eventual dismantling. They can be used to set up and take down stages, lighting and sound systems, and other event structures. Hiab trucks are the perfect choice for festivals, concerts, and other major events.

Other Industries

There are many other industries in which Hiab cranes offer important uses. Some of these include:
• Oil and gas
• Marine construction
• Wind turbine maintenance and construction
• Mining
• Rail and track installation
• Defence facilities

Trident Safes

Whatever you need Hiab lorry crane hire for, we can provide it for you at the most cost-effective rates. Our vehicles meet all TFL requirements for working in central London. A thorough risk assessment and lift plan can be provided upon request for removal and relocation projects. For more information about our Hiab hiring services, please contact us.

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