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TS Range Eurograde 2 Safe

Eurograde 2 Safes - £17,500 Cash or up to £175,000 Valuables Cover


As with all Eurograde 2 safes, this model is constructed from solid steel and fitted with solid steel sliding bolts on three sides, continuous hinge protection and a single security key lock. There are ten models, varying in size from 39 to 770 litres. As well as the single key lock, there is a choice of five alternative locking mechanisms. The door opens to 205˚ and has a fire seal and provision for a base fixing that is covered by a snap-on cover.

Additional fittings include shelving, lockable compartment, metal door pocket and a rotary or tube deposit.

Certified according to EN 1143-1 Security Grade II.

SelectSizeExternal/Internal Dimensions (mm)WeightVolumePrice
2040KExt. H425 x W460 x D450Int. H334 x W380 x D305137kg39ltr£1,637.00 excl. vat
2070KExt. H600 x W535 x D450Int. H509 x W455 x D305200kg71ltr£1,936.00 excl. vat
2095KExt. H785 x W535 x D450Int. H694 x W455 x D305247kg96ltr£2,213.00 excl. vat
2175KExt. H955 x W610 x D530Int. H864 x W530 x D385344kg176ltr£2,892.00 excl. vat
2215KExt. H1135 x W610 x D530Int. H1044 x W530 x D385397kg213ltr£3,593.00 excl. vat
2285KExt. H1490 x W610 x D530Int. H1399 x W530 x D385501kg285ltr£3,999.00 excl. vat
2395KExt. H1490 x W760 x D560Int. H1399 x W680 x D415599kg395ltr£4,405.00 excl. vat
2580KExt. H1845 x W840 x D580Int. H1754 x W760 x D435768kg580ltr£5,680.00 excl. vat
2845KExt. H1845 x W1190 x D580Int. H1754 x W1110 x D435978kg847ltr£7,590.00 excl. vat
SelectSizeExternal/Internal Dimensions (mm)WeightVolumePrice
2040EExt. H425 x W460 x D450Int. H334 x W380 x D305137kg39ltr£1,858.00 excl. vat
2070EExt. H600 x W535 x D450Int. H509 x W455 x D305200kg71ltr£2,157.00 excl. vat
2095EExt. H785 x W535 x D450Int. H694 x W455 x D305247kg96ltr£2,434.00 excl. vat
2175EExt. H955 x W610 x D530Int. H864 x W530 x D385344kg176ltr£3,113.00 excl. vat
2215EExt. H1135 x W610 x D530Int. H1044 x W530 x D385397kg213ltr£3,814.00 excl. vat
2285EExt. H1490 x W610 x D530Int. H1399 x W530 x D385501kg285ltr£4,220.00 excl. vat
2395EExt. H1490 x W760 x D560Int. H1399 x W680 x D415599kg395ltr£4,626.00 excl. vat
2580EExt. H1845 x W840 x D580Int. H1754 x W760 x D435768kg580ltr£5,901.00 excl. vat
2845EExt. H1845 x W1190 x D580Int. H1754 x W1110 x D435978kg847ltr£7,809.00 excl. vat

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  • Free drop-off delivery (kerbside drop-off only*)
  • Professional installation from £95 (contact for bespoke quote)
  • All products come with a minimum 1 year warranty

Why Eurograde 2?

Investing in a Eurograde 2 safe is well worth the cost for the protection of your valuables and business. Grade 2 safes are designed to cover up to £17,500 worth of cash or up to £175,000 in valuables. Like all Eurograde rated safes, grade 2 safes are made to the highest security specifications and are fully tested to ensure they conform to the European burglar resistance test standard: EN 1143-2. All Eurograde 2 safes are fitted with security measures such as sliding bolts, continuous hinge protection and single security key locks. Take a look at our range of Eurograde 2 safes below.

What is a Eurograde safe?

The Eurograde system is a European-wide rating guide applied to high security safes used in both commercial and domestic settings. To achieve a Eurograde rating a safe must be tested by a reputable security organisation such as VdS and ECBs according to the specifications of EN 1143-2. This exhaustive testing process is designed to ensure that the safe will fully protect contents against theft and burglary. Once it receives a Eurograde certification, the safe is given a rating from 0 to 7, with 7 being the highest level of security available.  

How are Eurograde safes rated?

Once a safe has passed the testing phase and is found to comply with the specifications of EN 1143-2, they are assigned a Eurograde certification and a rating from 0 to 7. This rating correlates to the total value of contents the safe is approved to contain. For example, a Eurograde 0 safe can hold an insured amount of up to £6,000 in cash or valuables worth up to £60,000. A Eurograde 7 safe, on the other hand, can hold up to £250,000 in cash, or £2,500,000 worth of valuables. The greater value of contents you need to protect, the higher Eurograde rating you will need for your safe.  

What determines the Eurograde rating?

All Eurograde certified safes must obviously be resistant to theft on some level with the rating assigned based on the value of the contents it is approved to contain. The Eurograde rating is based on the safe’s overall resistance to forced entry. The longer it takes to gain partial or full entry to a safe, the higher the Eurograde rating will be. Other tests such as fire and water resistance might also be applied to the safes, however this is separate from the Eurograde certification process and does not determine the overall rating.  

What level of Eurograde safe should I purchase?

A Eurograde 7 safe may seem like the best option as it has the highest security rating, but this could mean needless expense if you only have a small number of valuables to protect. Rather, it is best to calculate the total value of your stored items and purchase a Eurograde safe with a rating that covers this value. Generally, higher rated Eurograde safes are more suited for commercial settings, while lower rated safes are right for the home. There are exceptions to this, however, so make sure you work out how much you need to protect before you decide on purchasing a safe.  

Trident Safes

Here at Trident Safes, we offer a wide variety of certified Eurograde safes from leading manufacturers. We offer free kerbside delivery, plus installation services for an additional fee starting at £95. All our Eurograde products come with a minimum one-year warranty. We invite you to get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of Eurograde products and other security services available.

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