Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

These Terms and Conditions form a legally binding contract between you and Trident Safes Ltd. All prices quoted are for delivery / removal in normal office hours and ground floor level access unless otherwise stated. All products are subject to availability. By accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing to terms of our privacy policy. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Safes come with a key lock as standard. Manual combinations and digital locks are available on request and are fitted for an additional charge. It is recommended and is often an insurance requirement that all safes under 1000 kg are anchored to the floor. This requires drilling into the floor and therefore customers must be aware of the proximity of pipes, wires or under-floor heating at the safe location. All fixing is undertaken at the customers’ risk.

All safes are to be emptied prior to relocation / removal. whilst it is possibly to move safes with goods in ( prior notice to be given) Trident safes Ltd cannot except responsibility for damage caused or loss to goods in transit.

All safes remain the property of Trident Safes Ltd until paid for in full, Irrespective of disposal to a third party.
All claims for defects or damage to goods or services must be made in writing and sent recorded delivery to Trident Safes Ltd head office within 5 working days of delivery / removal.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed in writing Payment is on order or completion of works, Trident Safes Ltd accepts payment via Bank Transfer (bacs), Cheque, Cash and Debit/Credit cards.

Storage costs

Trident Safes Ltd reserve the right to charge storage fees.
All safes and vaults collected and stored for delivery at a later date will incur storage charges after one calendar month of the collection date, storage charges are calculated at a daily rate and will be calculated up to the date of redelivery. Storage charges will vary on the size of safe or vault and length of time stored.

Fixing of safes and floor loadings

Fixing of safes involves drilling into the floor or wall. The customer will be responsible for any consequential damage that may occur if we drill into any services.
The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the floor that the safe is positioned on, or is transported over, is structurally adequate to support the weight of the safe. A standard fixing of a safe will only involve base fixing the safe to a flat level concrete or wooden floor the safe is sitting on or a flat level wall (without skirting board) in the case of a rear wall fixing. Anything outside of these parameters will be classed as an abnormal fixing and will incur additional charges. Trident Safes Ltd Reserves the right to refuse to fix a safe to a surface that we deem unsuitable or unsafe.

Parking tickets and congestion charging

If the customer insists on a delivery on a day when no other deliveries are being made within the London Congestion Charge zone then Trident Safes Ltd reserves the right to pass this charge on to the customer.
If the customer cannot guarantee parking and there are parking restrictions at the delivery site that Trident Safes Ltd have not been informed of prior to delivery, then Trident Safes Ltd reserves the right to pass on any fines or charges to the customer.

Waiting time

Waiting time is charged after 30 minutes of waiting if the cause of the delay in the commencement of works is no fault of Trident safes Ltd. Rates of waiting time will depend on the time of day, i.e. whether over time charges are applicable, which vehicle is being used and the number of staff involved. If a job is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (standard office working hours) or cannot be completed for no fault of Trident safes Ltd, Trident Safes Ltd reserve the right to charge for the cancelled works up to 100% of their value.