Bespoke Hand Crafted Luxury Safes

Living a lavish lifestyle can sometimes come at a cost. Many of those with wealth are prime targets for thieves. But what if you don’t want an unattractive, bulky safe sitting around? Well, you can always invest in bespoke, luxury safes from Trident. Whether you’re looking to protect jewellery, watches, passports or documents; secure them in style with a custom designed safe.

All safes created are AIS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) approved euro graded safes. This means all safes, even custom ones, are thoroughly tested, certified and awarded for quality and robustness. Luxury safes are also hand made in Britain, showcasing our countries fantastic craftsmanship. Every part of the safe can be customised, from the lock itself to finishing touches.



We can also cater for any sized safe, from a smaller size 1 (perfect for smaller items) to a large size 5 (cabinets capable of storing various larger items). The sizes chosen are based upon the number of winders and drawers required for your items, as well as the space in which you wish to place the safe. Once you book a consultation, our experts will visit you, at your home, to find out more about what you’re looking for and logistics for your new safe.

There are a wide range of RAL paint finishes to choose from, with all 1600 colours available in gloss or matt (or gloss with hand painted wood finish). You can also choose between digital or key locking systems. Handles come in 3 designs and can be plated in anything from chrome to 24 carat gold. Internally, we use wood veneers, such as walnut and oak, alongside luxurious designer leather and Alcantara fabrics.




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