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Do I need to hire a Hiab Crane?

When moving locations involves shifting large heavy items, you will need more than just the services of a removalist company. For weighty objects or those in awkward and hard-to-reach areas, you need a Hiab truck with a crane for safe and efficient removal.

Hiabs for hire come in a range of sizes and carrying capacities and can be used anywhere from tight spaces in city centres to warehouses, ports, and construction sites. The following is our guide on Hiab trucks, the benefits of Hiab haulage, and what to look for in Hiabs for hire.

What is a hiab crane?

In general, a Hiab is designed for lifting and moving large, heavy equipment, including furniture, machinery, or even large safes. These vehicles are often large lorry-style vehicles with a hydraulic crane at the back that makes loading and unloading more efficient. The crane is also equipped with a flexible arm that enables it to access even the most difficult-to-reach areas. Therefore, by hiring a Hiab, you no longer need to hire a separate crane and transportation services when moving difficult-to-shift objects.

The benefits of hiab crane hire

  • Unless you are using a Hiab crane regularly, it makes more sense to hire one on an as-needed basis rather than purchasing one outright. This is a much more flexible and cost-effective solution that allows you to access a Hiab hire whenever you need it.
  • In addition to being expensive and time-consuming, it is also inconvenient to hire separate cranes and transportation companies. It is more efficient to hire a self-contained Hiab to lower expenses and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • A Hiab van can handle and deliver huge loads easily and can load and unload these objects without requiring an additional separate crane between locations.
  • There are many sectors in which Hiab lorries are employed. These include the shipping and construction industries, as well as commercial sectors such as the banking industry, and even in some cases domestic removal services.
  • In comparison to independent transport and crane operations, Hiab trucks with attached cranes are better suited to heavy logistics.
  • Its 180-degree rotation and long length make Hiab cranes suitable for lifting and removal in narrow and confined environments.
  • In comparison to regular cranes, Hiab cranes are much smaller, which makes them easier to transport between destinations.

Tips on hiring a hiab crane

  • Choose a Hiab vehicle that suits the size and weight of the load you are planning to move. Standard trucks are better for lighter loads, while you may need to look at more heavy-duty options for larger, bulkier loads.
  • Consider how far you need to transport each load. If you plan on transporting goods across a long distance, you will need to know that the vehicle you choose can handle your transportation needs.
  • Are there any special considerations when it comes to moving objects, such as uneven terrain, narrow streets, or areas with low clearance? Check that your choice of truck has a crane that can easily manoeuvre in such areas.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork in order when hiring a Hiab vehicle. This includes proof of identity, insurance documents, and any other related documents as discussed with the hire company.
  • Make sure to hire a Hiab vehicle with a crane from a reputable company such as Trident Safes. Check to see if they conform to the latest industry standards and regulations and look online for customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Consider the overall cost of hiring a Hiab vehicle. This includes making sure that you select the right type of vehicle for the job rather than just going with the largest option. Also consider other costs such as coverage, fuel, and any additional labour.

hiab crane hire from trident safes

Trident Safes has a fleet of Hiab vans that can handle any major removal project. We have years of professional experience dealing with a variety of customers and are well-informed about the complexities of moving heavy articles. Additionally, with all transportation and removal services being handled in-house the work will be completed to the highest standard.

In terms of size, our Hiab vans are available in three sizes: 18 tonnes, 26 tonnes, and 32 tonnes. Depending on the model, our vehicles can lift between 12 and 44 tonnes per metre. Vehicles with 18 tonnes and cranes lifting 12 tonnes per metre are ideal for city areas with limited space. The rest of our lorries are suitable for building sites, warehouses, and ports, among others.

All our vehicles are approved for work in central London according to TFL criteria. As part of the removal and relocation process, we can conduct thorough risk assessments as well as offer lift plans upon request. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to learn more about our Hiab hiring services.

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