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How To Keep Customer Information Secure

Although we live in a digital age, there are times when important customer information needs to be kept in its physical format. This is often the case with documents like invoices, certificates and legal contracts. This presents business owners with a challenge. What storage solution will ensure the superior levels of security required for holding such sensitive information? When a standard filing cabinet will no longer suffice, the experts at Trident Safes can help. Let us take a look at some of the benefits associated with cutting-edge filing cabinet safes.

A Superior Level of Discretion

As opposed to a standard safe filing cabinet safes are much less visible. In fact, the majority of individuals will simply assume that it is nothing more than a normal cabinet. This will allow your safe to blend in with the nearby environment, reducing the chances of it becoming a tempting target to unscrupulous individuals.

Protect Sensitive Documents

Physical documents are subject to a host of dangers. Perhaps fire is the most concerning, as documents can be irreparably damaged or permanently destroyed. This is why our fireproof cabinet safes are designed to withstand extremely intense temperatures; ensuring their internal contents remain fully intact. In fact, some of our options provide complete protection for up to 120 minutes. With Trident Safes you can be confident that sensitive materials will not be compromised in the event of a fire at your premises.

filing cabinet safes: A Greater Sense of Accountability

We appreciate how important security is in an office environment. So, our fireproof filing cabinets can only be accessed by those who are authorised. With this in place the chances of information being lost or accessed by unauthorised individuals are greatly reduced. Not only does this increase security, but in some cases the mere presence of fireproof cabinets may actually be able to lower insurance premiums.

Filing Cabinet Safes with an Aesthetic Appeal

At Trident Safes we work with some of the most respected industry manufacturers, because of this we can provide a host of attractive options from our line of secure cabinets. This means you can select appropriate designs for office or home, choosing models that blend in perfectly with the surroundings and do little to arouse suspicion.

Now you can see some of the benefits of modern filing cabinet safes, contact us directly to learn more about the amazing safes have to offer. We have a wide range of new models, but also provide used safes. We also assist with safe removal and relocation. Rest assured you’re in good hands with Trident Safes.

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