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Heavy Safe RemovAL Via Window

We have always specialised in very heavy safe removals, a lot of which are via a window.

This particular job was in Hatton Garden, the jewellery district of London. We have many clients in this area and are regularly undertaking this kind of work.

On this occasion we were asked to remove 2 very heavy safes (2.2 tons each) from a second floor window. For a task of this scale we would always choose to carry out the job early on a Saturday or Sunday morning. This reduces risks involved with the daily traffic and foot traffic that would be present in the city and makes managing the safety aspect of the job much easier.

As usual a free site survey was provided to the customer in the planning stages of this removal and we carried out the job from start to finish. We work closely with a professional window company to remove windows for us on all window jobs so that everything is exactly how it should be when the job is completed.



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