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Bank Vault Removal

High Street Branch Closures

Due to the ongoing change in the banking sector and the continuing closures of high street bank branches we are seeing an increased amount of ex bank premises being redeveloped by landlords. In many cases a major part of this redevelopment is changing the use of the premises back into a high street retail unit and therefore the presence of very large and very heavy bank vaults inside the premises is a huge problem! Trident Safes are contacted regularly by either landlords or construction companies to assist with bank vault removal.

Types Of Vault

Bank vaults will be one of two different types of construction. Either a pored concrete room with reinforced walls and a large vault door and frame fixed into the entrance of the room, or a prefabricated room made up of large panels filled with steel and hardened concrete welded or bolted together. Both of these designs offer the same level of security however we would use completely different methods to remove them. Many people believe that there is a scrap value of these vault rooms however they are made up of mostly concrete so scrap dealers are not interested in taking them. The prefabricated vault room is completely removable by Trident Safes with minimal mess or disruption to site with all panels, door and frame easily broken down (if you know how) into separate pieces and removed from the building. The pored concrete vault will be much harder to remove. Trident Safes will remove the vault door and frame, the frame will have to be broken out of the wall using concrete breakers and in some cases cut in half, this is not a nice job! The concrete room would be a demolition project, Trident Safes work closely with demolition companies and we can put you in touch with the right company who have experience in removing the reinforced concrete walls of vault rooms.

Why Use Professionals For Bank Vault Removal?

The expertise, equipment and hard work involved in removing these ex bank vaults is something that should certainly be left to professionals. Trying to remove a bank vault without the correct training or experience would be very dangerous, In most cases the door alone would weigh in excess of 1.5 tonnes and each panel (of a prefabricated vault) would weigh approx 900kgs. As you can imagine any mistakes made when handling objects of this weight and size could very easily result in a serious accident. The equipment required for large bank vault removal consists of very heavy lifting and handling tools to take the door or room apart, We usually hire the majority of this equipment in for each job so we can guarantee that every piece of equipment is always load tested and within its legal test period thus keeping within health and safety guidelines. Once removed from site these parts need to be loaded onto a HGV lorry for transportation. The lorry will need to be fitted with a heavy duty crane arm to make it possible to load the panels, conventional tail lift lorry’s would simply not be able manage this load. At Trident Safes we are specialists in this area of work, and have the knowledge and experience to remove any vault from any premises and any location within that premises.

Decide To Use a professional service

If you do decide that the job of removing a vault without professional help seems to much of a risk please do not hesitate to contact us. You can rest assured that every risk of bank vault removal is always considered by our team and we are very experienced in the job that we do.  We also have all insurances in place in case anything should ever be damaged so that you as a customer will have a stress free service from us. We can also provide free site surveys to asses the job and also answer any questions you may have. Please click on the link below to take you to one of our contact forms so you can send us information of the job and obtain a quote. Alternatively you can call our office to discuss your requirements.

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