Businesses can often underestimate the many benefits which office safes provide. Safes in domestic or commercial premises are commonplace. But, in every office there are also items that could be very costly to replace. Cash and valuables we tend to store at home; but, offices contain sensitive information that could be critical to the future of the business. That makes the risk of theft or fires a very serious one.

Trident Safes have built a solid reputation founded on experience and outstanding customer service. Whether it’s a key cabinet you need or a fireproof document box, we can offer the very best advice. Here we explain just some of the benefits of office safes.


Why Choose an office safe?

A busy office deals with important data and information on a daily basis. So that it can be retrieved and referred to at a later date, some information needs to be stored. Often, this is in computer archives. This may be practical, but it isn’t necessarily secure.

That’s why many offices keep hard copies of important information. But, these can get misplaced, and could be lost forever in the unfortunate event of a fire. An option such as a fireproof filing cabinet is the perfect solution. Why risk the cost of losing data that is irreplaceable?


Things you might keep in office safes


There are a number of things you might want to keep safe in an office. Despite the new digital age, many contracts are still paper-based, containing those all-important signatures. Losing your copy of a contract could be embarrassing and costly for your business.


Diplomas and certificates are often awarded for industry training courses. These can be important for your business and the employees who’ve received them. Your business itself may even have received a commendation or award. If lost through fire or theft, it might be difficult and expensive to replace them. Document safes can reduce that risk to near zero.

Business data

Certain information can be vital to your operations, such as sales or technical data. It’s the kind of thing that, in the wrong hands, could damage your business. Losing it in a fire or flood could be equally damaging. A simple fireproof document box is a cost-effective way of guarding against this.


The majority of offices deal with invoices in one way or another. For some, they’re an important part of daily office life. Although you can make copies and store them digitally, there are times when you need the real document. Document safes mean not only are your invoices secured, but you also know exactly where they are.


For various reasons, some businesses need to keep cash to hand. And there’s no better place to store money than in a safe. A deposit safe or simple cash safe is the ideal solution to keep cash away from the wrong hands.


Trident Safes

Whether you’re looking for safe office storage or simply relocating, Trident Safes are here to help. Contact us for more information or advice, and we’ll find the perfect solution for your business.

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