When you work with valuables and jewellery, having a jewellery safe is vital. Next to banks, jewellery stores are the second most common target for thieves. Theft and damage can incur high costs to your business as well as the loss of reputation. For this reason, you need extra security measures in place.

Investing in a safe for your store will ensure the safety of your property and protect your business. Safes for jewellery will prevent thieves from stealing valuables in your possession; as well as provide them with extra protection from harmful exposure. Read on to learn more about the jewellery vault and safe options we have on offer.

Cash & Valuables Safes for Jewellery

Thieves often target jewellery shops after hours or before opening, when staff are least likely to be on site. Even with a good alarm system in place, thieves can still make off with any exposed valuables.

Storing jewellery in a valuables safe will make sure they remain secure and out of the way of thieves. We offer a range of jewellery safes that will store valuables with a value of £20,000, all the way up to £1,500,000. We offer safes from reputable suppliers including Chubb, Dudley and Phoenix.

Jewellery Vaults for High Level Security

Depending on your level of business and the value of items you keep on the premises, you may need something more than a single jewellery safe. Perhaps you need a secure area to store a large amount of cash and jewellery at any given time.

Jewellery vaults allow for easy yet controlled access to your valuables when needed by you or your staff. We provide a range of vaults for your business as well as professional installation services, ensuring your vault is installed safely and securely.

Luxury Jewellery Safes for High End Stores

Installing a jewellery safe will offer the safety and security you need. However, if you deal with a higher class of clientele then an unattractive safe can devalue your store’s look. Thankfully, there are high quality and bespoke options for safes that will blend in well with your store.

At Trident Safes, we can create custom luxury safes of any size, storage capacity and finish you require. All safes are tested and graded according to AIS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) certification. With a wide variety of wood veneers, fabrics, paint finishes and locking systems available, we can create the right safe for your business.

Trident Safes for Jewellery

Here at Trident Safes, we have 45 years of combined experience in creating, selling and installing safes for a range of customers across the UK. We work with a range of commercial and domestic clients to provide the right safes and vaults they need at the best prices.

To find out more about the range of services we can offer you, speak with our friendly expert team online or by phone. For the best quality safes for your valuables and jewellery, contact Trident Safes today.

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