The idea of installing healthcare safes in care homes is becoming increasingly common. It’s a precautionary measure, but one that has a number of advantages. Here we’ll explore the reasons for choosing healthcare safes, all of which will offer significant benefits for the care industry.

At Trident Safes our reputation has been built on knowledge, experience and outstanding customer service. We’re experts in the supply and installation of high quality safes and cabinets. So, read on to discover more about the benefits of safes for the healthcare industry.

Why do you need a safe?

Inevitably, many of the people in care are ageing, unwell, or both. Whatever your circumstances, we all like to keep loved and valuable items close by. But when such items are lost, it’s so much more distressing if you’re poorly, elderly or vulnerable.

It can also be costly for the people doing the caring, both financially and in terms of reputation. Indeed, even the most conscientious of carers can be caught out by deceitful visitors or opportunists. And the truth is, sometimes things simply get lost. For that reason, healthcare safes can offer peace of mind for both carers and those they’re caring for.

Key safes

In residential healthcare, security and privacy are paramount, and old fashioned keys play an important part. There are room keys, window keys and also keys to drug cabinets, all of which need to be organised and secure. So, a key safe offers the perfect solution to the problem of lost or misplaced keys.

Trident Safe’s range of strong, secure key safes is designed to meet insurance requirements and hold from 30 to 600 keys. The 2.5mm fabricated steel construction features a flush closing door. This can be upgraded to suit an existing master key.

Drug safes

While medication is a key feature of many care situations, this can sometimes be a target for theft or misuse. Potential drug abuse and the loss of vital prescriptions can be a major problem for care companies. Introducing healthcare safes is a highly effective way to avoid it.

Here at Trident, we offer a range of high quality security cabinets that are ideal for the storage of such items. Designed to look like a standard cabinet, they offer maximum security and can be fixed to the floor if required. They are available in a range of sizes, with a choice of different locking options.

Document safes

From birth certificates to financial contracts, we all have documents that we need to keep safe. People in care are no exception, and their documents and family photographs often mean a lot to them. Moreover, these items are irreplaceable if lost.

At Trident we provide a variety of safes and cabinets suitable for the storage of documents. From fire and water resistant safes to secure, fireproof filing cabinets, we’re confident you’ll find what you need.

So, keep your clients – and your business – safe with the help of Trident Safes. Visit our website to view our full range of reconditioned and new safes for sale.

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