Any guests spending time away from home will want to know that their valuables are safe and secure. Hotel safes will help protect their most valuable belongings, keeping them secure and free from theft or damage. At the same time, hotel room safes will increase customer trust and satisfaction in your facilities. They will also help protect you from any liability.

There are a wide variety of safes available for hotel rooms, depending on the needs of your clientele. In all cases, safes need to provide the right level of security to satisfy your guest’s need for privacy and security. Here are some benefits of safes in hotels and some of the types of safes available.

Benefits of Hotel Safes

  • Hotel room safes provide a convenient and safe place for guests to store their valuables. Whether they are out of the room or entertaining friends, they can relax in the knowledge that their belongings are safely stored away.
  • Guests will find having access to a room safe a more relaxing experience overall. This will help improve the reputation of your hotel, particularly in areas where theft and vandalism are more common.
  • If a guest’s valuables go missing, it is likely that they will point the finger of blame in several ways as to who might be responsible. A safe will not only ensure that guests know exactly where their belongings are, but the increased security will help prevent any such allegations or liabilities from occurring.
  • Safes in rooms not only safeguard against theft but they can also protect against other risks, such as fire and water damage. Overall, they make for a useful and easily accessible storage area for guests who don’t want to keep everything on them at all times.
  • Room safes are a great investment as they inspire confidence in your attention to your guests’ needs. Being a free amenity included in the room price, your guests will appreciate this small but crucial addition and will be more likely to use your services in the future.

Types of Hotel Room Safes

There are a number of different hotel safes out there that can benefit your guests in different ways:

  • Laptop safes can come in sizes that accommodate either 15 or 17 inch laptops, as well as tablets, cameras and other devices. These safes are reliable and affordable and come in front and top opening drawer models.
  • Drawer safes are ideal for nightstands and dressers and come in both top and front opening models. These safes can easily accommodate documents, purses, electronic devices and other valuables.
  • Wall safes come in handy for guests who need a bit more storage space. Wall safes can be surface mounted or come in recessed in-wall options.
  • Compact safes are great for smaller environments where space is an issue. These can fit anywhere you need them while still offering high level security.
  • There is also the option for bespoke safes unique to your situation. We can advise you on creating custom safes in a range of colours and sizes.

Trident Safes

Here at Trident Safes, we build and supply a range of highly secure safes for both domestic and commercial markets. To find out more about purchasing a valuables and money safe, contact us online or via phone. For the best quality hotel safes, speak with Trident Safes today.

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