The best way to protect yourself from cash theft in retail premises is a shop safe. There’s no doubt that the vast majority of your customers will be decent and trustworthy; but we can’t ignore that unscrupulous minority who are just waiting for an opportunity to grab and run. You can help prevent this from happening by using a safe or cash drop box.

Here at Trident Safes, we’ve built a solid reputation for our knowledge, experience and outstanding customer service. So let us guide you through the options to find the shop safe that would best suit your needs.


The Right Safe For Your Needs

Under counter safe unit

If you’re looking for an efficient safe deposit box, an under counter unit is discreet but highly secure. A model like the Chubb Counter Unit can store up to 350 banknotes, which you deposit through a handy slot. The unit is protected by a quality key lock, and fixed to the counter for added security. Because it doesn’t take up much space, it’s the perfect cash drop box for a small shop or cafe.

Deposit safe

Another cost-effective option is a deposit safe with a slot, which are available in a range of sizes. This allows you to secure documents and other valuable items as well as cash. The unit features an anti-fishing device, which means that items can’t be removed through the slot. The safe is protected by a plate steel door, and either a key or electronic lock. It’s the perfect option for a shop or business that needs to protect more than just notes and coins.

Drawer deposit safe

A cash drop box with a drawer is a great option for premises with a till. Designed to fit a cash till drawer, it’s the perfect way to keep the day’s takings secure. Unlike an ordinary till, these safes are fixed in place and not easily removed. They’re also fitted with an anti-fishing device. That means that what goes in can’t come out unless you have the key. Available in a range of sizes, these safes have a cash rating of £10,000.

A rotary version of this safe is also available, with a pull-down cylinder shaped drawer. The shape of the drawer makes it easy to fill with cash, which is deposited in the safe when you close the drawer. This would be the ideal option for businesses that handle a lot of change, such as banks and amusement arcades.

Burglary-resistant deposit safe

For additional security when premises are closed, a burglary-resistant deposit safe is a great option. A front-loading drawer allows frequent deposits, while the main body of the safe remains securely locked. These safes are built for security, and a choice of locking options are available. With a cash rating of up to £100,000, they’re ideal for larger stores, banks and premises storing valuables overnight.


Shop Safes from Trident Safes

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect shop safe at Trident Safes, so why not take a look at our products. If you need any more information or some helpful advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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