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Diamond Deposit Grade 1 Safe

Eurograde 1 Safes - £10,000 Cash or up to £100,000 Valuables Cover

The Phoenix Diamond Deposit series is designed for the secure deposit of large amounts of cash without any reduction in protection that can sometimes come with deposit safes. Perfect for retail shops, banks, garage forecourts and financial institutions, these deposit safes are EN1143 certified, providing cash cover of £10,000 or valuables cover of £100,000. They’re also approved by the UK Police and the Association of Insurance Surveyors.

The Diamond Deposit is built with a double-wall construction with anti-drill plates and re-locker protection and is secured with a high-security double bitted VdS class I key lock. A class II electronic lock is also available for a higher cost. For maximum security when depositing cash, a high security pull out deposit drawer with a special baffle drop system is included.

These deposit safes come ready prepared for wall or floor fixing and finished in a scratch-resistant white paint.

SelectSizeExternal/Internal Dimensions (mm)WeightVolumePrice
EnquireHS1090KDExt. H670 x W440 x D550Int. H455 x W364 x D423195kg44ltr£1,109.40 excl. vat
EnquireHS1091KDExt. H670 x W650 x D550Int. H455 x W573 x D423264kg112ltr£1,205.40 excl. vat
EnquireHS1092KDExt. H840 x W650 x D550Int. H616 x W575 x D423293kg149ltr£1,371.00 excl. vat
EnquireHS1093KDExt. H1040 x W650 x D550Int. H816 x W575 x D423350kg199ltr£1,487.40 excl. vat
SelectSizeExternal/Internal Dimensions (mm)WeightVolumePrice
EnquireHS1090EDExt. H670 x W440 x D550Int. H455 x W364 x D423195kg44ltr£1,247.40 excl. vat
EnquireHS1091EDExt. H670 x W650 x D550Int. H455 x W573 x D423264kg112ltr£1,341.00 excl. vat
EnquireHS1092EDExt. H840 x W650 x D550Int. H616 x W573 x D423293kg149ltr£1,509.00 excl. vat
EnquireHS1093EDExt. H1040 x W650 x D550Int. H816 x W573 x D423350kg199ltr£1,625.40 excl. vat
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