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What are reconditioned safes and why should I choose one?

If you are looking to choose a new safe for your home or business, you might have your eye on the latest models with the most up-to-date security features. Yet while you will get great security from the newest safes on the market, you should have a look at the benefits of purchasing reconditioned safes. In fact, second-hand safes can offer you all the features of modern safes at a greatly reduced cost. The following is our guide to purchasing reconditioned safes and what benefits they can offer you.

What Are Reconditioned Safes?

Second-hand safes are ones that have been previously bought and used by an individual or business and are now being sold second-hand. To verify that a second-hand safe is fit for continued use, it is checked and serviced to ensure it provides the appropriate level of security. This also includes cleaning it out, repainting it, and replacing any locks or bolts that no longer function. Once the safe has been completely refurbished, it can be sold at a lower cost while still providing value and security based on your needs.

Why Choose Refurbished Safes?

• All refurbished safes must comply with the British Standards Institute standard BS 7582. This includes inspection for quality and reliability, replacements with suitable parts where needed, and cleaning and repainting it ready for resale.

• A safe is typically designed to last a lifetime, especially when it comes to older models. Safes that, along with their safety features, have been well maintained by their previous owners will perform as well as those that have been recently released onto the market. Safes that have been reconditioned can be used for any function requiring security.

• The cost of acquiring a new safe will be higher than that of an equivalent older one. But considering that second-hand safes are just as secure as the latest models you might just as well benefit from the cost savings.

• There are many distinguishing characteristics associated with specific brands of safes, some of which are exclusive to a particular model. For specific styles or security features you need, you may need to acquire a used safe if that model is no longer made.

• In the case of used safes, a one-year warranty is provided, and they are fully certified. You can return the safe for free within this period should you find there is a problem with it.

• The design of many older safe versions was bulkier than that of more up-to-date ones. As a result, thieves are significantly less likely to be able to steal the safe. Because of this, the older, heavier versions are more deterrent to theft.

• By purchasing a used safe, you are cutting down on the number of resources used and waste produced when making new models. This makes purchasing used safes a much more environmentally friendly option.

Tips on Purchasing a Used Safe

• Learn as much about the history of the safe as possible. Who owned it, what it was used for and why it was sold can help you determine if it is suitable for storing your valuables.

• Check to see if the safe has ever been accessed by thieves. Any damage or drill holes could compromise the security of your safe.

• Make a list of what security features you need your safe to have, and whether the safe you’d like to purchase has these features. If not, check to see if it can be upgraded to include these features.

• Keep a list of what security features you wish your safe to have, and check to see if the safe you wish to purchase has these features. If not, check to see if it can be upgraded to include these features.

• Buy used safes that are made by reputable brands such as Chubb, Sistec and Rosengreens.

• If possible, try to avoid buying used safes from the classifieds or online marketplaces. These individuals may not have kept their safes well maintained or serviced and may even still have access to your safe without your knowledge.

• Wherever possible, purchase used safes through reliable retailers such as Trident Safes to ensure you get the best quality product for your money.

Trident Safes

We restore antique safes, cabinets, and jewellery boxes to like-new condition at Trident Safes. All your valuables are protected by our safes, which offer first-rate security for a reasonable price. Both residential and commercial clients can benefit from our wide range of modern safes and vaults. With over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as a reputable supplier of new and used safes. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in learning more about our refurbished safes.

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